Brand My Hotel offers services to the hotel industries for promotion and earning revenues for the sectors. Brand My Hotel will provide solutions with management layout to boost the hotel industries. The category of services by Brand My Hotel may be explained as below::

Hotel Staff Management

Brand My Hotel offers services for staff management of the hotels in behalf of the hotel owners. As the busy schedule of the owners does not allow to do the staff management properly,Brand My Hotel operates staff management in systematic manner smoothly on the agreement between the hotel owners and Brand My Hotel .

OTA Channel Management

Brand My Hotel offers the hotel industries Ota Channel Management which efficiently enhances the online bookings. This is type of innovative hotel management solutions from a single source, utilizes proven channel management technology. This will enhance the bookings by managing the rate parity, inventory and by assessing the ranking of online multiple travel partners.

Online Sales Agreement

This type of module is created by Brand My Hotel to deal directly with accommodation online and make the required sales agreement for the promotion of the hotel industries. This type of dealings for sales agreement of accommodations, enhance the sales capitals and market value generation with the mode of responsive web solutions.

B2B Partnerships

Brand My Hotel offers B2B or business to business partnerships which offer the transactions between two companies. Brand My Hotel offers the services of B2B with their specialized in house team of professionals with the help of online or offline area to boost the hotel industries.

Travel Agent and Offline Sales

Brand My Hotel offers the services for bookings of hotels through engaging offline travel agents and thus develops the growth of the hotel industries.

Bulk Emailers for travel agent & existing guest

Brand My Hotel offers bulk emails regarding booking offers or other terms to the targeted customers, existing guests and travel agents to achieve platform for bulk bookings.

Hotel photo shoot and 360-degree virtual tour

Brand My Hotel offers professional photo shoot of the hotels and can enhance the customers’ bookings. The photo shoot will support text, sound effect, music with location of photos and will create actually virtual 360-degree tour for the customers and will ultimately support bookings.

Online Payments Follow-up

Brand My Hotel offers payment follow up online for the hotel industries and makes the hurdles decrease for the hotel owners. Collection with follow up of payment online is one category of service to the hotel industries by Brand My Hotel .

Booking Engine & Payment Gateway

Brand My Hotel offers services for bookings for hotel industries using the booking enginewhich is website to be used by the customers and travel agents for booking of flights, hotels, holiday packages and insurance and other services online. Brand My Hotel uses payment gateway which is authorized for processing of payments for credit card holders safely in secured manner.

Rate Disparity Management

Rate parity is defined as consistency in fixing of pricing of hotels in all online travel agencies on particular day. If the rate disparity occurs on particular day in different travel online, then it earns negative points to the hotel industries. So, Brand My Hotel offers rate disparity management services online to restrict the bad reputation of the hotel industries.

Content Management

Brand My Hotel offers services for content management for the hotel industries to create smooth process of organizing and floating the pieces of articles or texts online through websites.

Website Management

Brand My Hotel offers website management which includes editing, daily website backups, updating and other supports. This sort of service of website management helps to grow the hotel industries.

Hotel Competition Analysis

Hotel competition analysis may be a very essential tool for running the hotel industries. It may be done in excel spreadsheet by comparing the data for different elements in hotel industries for different categories. Brand My Hotel offers the services for hotel competition management analysis, so that the industry can be operated efficiently and rates of hotel accommodation can be fixed accordingly.